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They say you should follow your passion. I never thought my hobby would turn into a camping business. Yet, here I am. If life is a journey, this was a road I didn't see coming. In the chaos called life, I embraced the trip ahead of me and opened the Glampy Girl boutique.

I am a vintage camper and glamping enthusiast. I love camping but don't have the desire to rough it. Camping doesn't need to be a dirty, nasty affair. That's where glamping comes in.

Glamping is simply glamorous camping. Glamor manifests differently for each camper. For me, it's a comfortable bed, a warm shower, a toilet break that avoids interactions with nature, real glasses to drink from, and ice cubes. I want to create just the right atmosphere with aromatic scents and of course, twinkle lights both in and outside. There is no shame in fancy camping. After all, we enjoy the finest of hotel rooms, so why not the best of campers too?

My RV is my vacation home on wheels. I don’t want to work harder while away so I made my camper a happy, restful place where I can enjoy all the luxuries of home.

Glampy Girl exists to help you enjoy camping in a way that makes your environment relaxing and fun. The items in the store are copies of the things I had created for my own glamping experiences. In my quest to make my RV pretty, smell good, and stay organized, I crafted things for our travel trailer that others liked. When I would share them with fellow campers, so many times, they would say, “You should sell these!" That did get me thinking, maybe I should make them so others can enjoy them, too. After all, I want everyone to be a happy glamper!

Just like that, we were talking to engineers, pursuing patents, trademarks, and all this legal stuff I never thought of, all so we could offer products to the public. The past seven months have been quite the whirlwind!

Welcome to Twinkly Thoughts. It may sound like an unusual name for a blog but twinkle lights are happy, lifting the mood of even the darkest of days. I used to be teased for having lights strung all over my yard and house. Apparently, I am cool after all! Twinkle lights are hung at fancy restaurants, boutiques, and backyard patios. They are used everywhere!

Twinkle lights are a staple for campsite décor and so popular, newly made travel trailers have them built right in. My big camper has them installed but I still hang more on my awning because as one of my t-shirts says, “Life Needs More Twinkles.” 

Written to you, my new glamping friends, Twinkly Thoughts is just a glampy girl sitting around a campfire, sharing about my creations, favorite glam items, and thoughts about glamping. Pull up a chair and let’s hang out. I hope Twinkly Thoughts brings a little light to your day.

Happy Glamping! Linda


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  • Dana Turner on

    This latest blog “Twinkly Thoughts” is a fun & exciting addition to your already terrific website ❣️ I would love to see what your other fans think.
    Great job Linda, keep’em coming 😃 thank you 💖

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