Pure & Clear Candle
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Pure & Clear Candle

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Pure & Clear 8 oz. candle for freshening your camper.


Small spaces can have big odors. Closed up RVs take on a wonky odor of their own. Throw in a few dogs and you have a real stink bomb! Pure & Clear uses the natural power of earthy Eucalyptus and sweet Peppermint to rid the room of offensive smells, instead of masking them. Perfect for the glamper who travels with her pets, you can make your RV smell Pure & Clear with this odor eating candle.

Our premium handcrafted soy candles are made with the glamper in mind. The stylish, tureen jar is less likely to tip and pretty, which is important a Glampy Girl is allergic to ugly!

Approx. 8oz.


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